Redesigning Drug Discovery with Biology-Driven AI


At OneThree Biotech we’re combining biology with artificial intelligence to uncover novel biology and build the next generation of drug discovery.


Beyond One Part of the Pipeline


We're answering questions across the entire development process. From identifying new targets, to optimizing compounds for toxicity or efficacy— we've built our platform to leverage insights and data from one step and apply them throughout preclinical R&D. Currently we've built in over 12 different features into the platform and we're constantly adding in more.

Each type of data provides a different piece of the puzzle, yet most approaches only use one or two sources. We've built our platform to integrate over 25 types of chemical, biological, and clinical data for each task. This leads to significant increase in accuracy, interpretability, and chance of clinical success.


True Data-Driven Discovery


"OneThree’s AI platform helped answer direct mechanistic questions on our top drug candidates, opened up new therapeutic opportunities, helped solve problems that we had been working on for years, and potentially saved several years of additional work.

I expect that the approach OneThree Biotech is taking will be integral to the future of drug discovery and development."

- Josh Allen, PhD, Senior Vice President: Research and Development, Oncoceutics


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