OneThree will be demonstrating how our AI platforms help to identify targets, repurpose drugs, and discover patients’ biomarkers with three posters at the upcoming American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) 2021 conference. These capabilities have been validated with current partners like AstraZeneca, Jubilant, and Oncoceutics. For our successes on these topics we have been noted in multiple publications (Nature Communications, Cell Chemical Biology, etc.), recognized with a variety of awards (Reuters US Pharma, China-America Innovation Summit, etc.), and speaking roles at top thought-leadership forums (JPM Healthcare Week, Biodata World Congress, etc.).

OneThree Biotech Announces Novel Methodologies for Identifying Targets, Repurposing Drugs, and Discovering Patients' Biomarkers at AACR Annual Conference 2021

In the abstracts below we demonstrate how AI can be used to identify novel targets and position indications through gene essentiality and genetic interactions. We have also demonstrated how biomarkers can be identified using AI by predicting drug sensitivity to enable drug positioning. 

For more information please view our posters presented virtually at AACR beginning April 10 8:30 AM through April 15 2021, using the following session title and poster numbers.


TitleIdentifying genetic interactions resulting form diverse biological mechanisms to inform cancer drug development
Poster Number219
Session TitlePO.BSB02.02 – Integrative Cancer Biology
TitleIdentifying novel oncology targets and positioning existing targets through the prediction of cancer dependencies
Poster Number220
Session TitlePO.BSB02.02 – Integrative Cancer Biology
TitlePrediction of genomic based drug sensitivity signatures to enable optimal drug positioning
Poster Number395
Session TitlePO.CL11.01 – Biomarkers Predictive of Therapeutic Benefit

About OneThree Biotech: 

OneThree Biotech is a clinically validated, biology-driven artificial intelligence (AI) company focused on using its proprietary AI platform in combination with systems biology to understand the mechanisms that drive drug target-disease relationships. The company’s AI platform has shown success in optimizing early-stage drug discovery and development by quickly and accurately generating new, testable insights and hypotheses. The platform is powered by a backend data engine that integrates more than 40 different types of data and an AI workflow built to optimize for both accuracy and mechanistic interpretability. With over 20 peer-reviewed journal publications, multiple case studies, and success in advancing new candidates through clinical trials, OneThree Biotech’s proven technology platform integrates chemical, biological, and clinical data with the best computational tools to answer complex questions surrounding disease biology and drug discovery.

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