Our Values

Be Caring

  • Care about patients. They’re who we’re doing this for.
  • Care about the science. Do the best science and everything else will follow.
  • Care about each other. We’re a family at OneThree and always will be.

Be Ambitious

  • We welcome the hard problems.
  • Be willing to go after the big ideas even though they might not work out.
  • Be a little crazy. Some of the best, most ambitious ideas started with a spark of “madness.”

Be Open

  • Be open with your ideas no matter how absurd they seem in the beginning.
  • Be open to change when something isn’t working.

Be Collaborative

  • Collaborate with the community. Great science will be done outside the walls of OneThree and we want to be a part of it.
  • Collaborate across disciplines. There are too many biologists and chemists who never work with computational teams, and too many computer scientists who never dive into the complexity of biology. That’s not us.

Be Passionate

  • Find your passion projects. Most big breakthroughs started off as one.
  • We love what we do, and that’ll never change.