Our Vision

To combine the best biology with the best computation – to find new cures for patients in need.

Over the last decade we’ve seen a radical increase in new technologies aimed at disease biology: from the genetics revolution, which exponentially increased our understanding of disease, to the emergence of robotic techniques to enable high-throughput screening and data collection at an unprecedented scale, to the development of novel, biologically oriented, AI techniques.

Thanks to convergence of these fields, it is now possible to think about complex questions surrounding disease biology and drug discovery in a way that previously wouldn’t have been possible. We are now at a place where computational techniques can drive research and experimentation rather than simply being tools for routine data analysis.

This allows drug hunters and developers to quickly and accurately generate new testable insights and hypotheses by combing the world of systems and disease biology and the best computational tools to discover new treatments for patients in need.

This is the vision we’re striving towards at OneThree.